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Fabricated Wafers Manufacturer of Abrasives, Adhesives, Industrial Tapes & Chemicals, Fire Fighting Products, Automotive Products, Fabric Protector, Vibration Control Tape, Coating & Sealers, Electrical Connectors & Ta Distribution of Food & Beverages. Agent Manufactured of Dhall (Husk Removed from Beans), Seasame Oil, Vermicelli, Pappadam, Champhor Tablets. Material Handling Services Oil Pastels, Wax Crayons, Plastic Crayons, Gel Pens, Ball Point Pens, Erasers (Rubber), Erasers (Vinyl) Stationery Manufacturer of Containers for take away food. (Plastic) Manufactured of Cash Box. Computer and Electronics Telecommunications Batteries for Automobiles, Batteries for Motorcycles Industrial & Engineering Products White Cement Manufacturer of Heatsinks. Supplier of installation materials such as electrical switches & sockerts, line protection products. Switches Electrical Control Cubicles, Electrical Protection Cubicles, Switchgears Cubicles (LV and MV), Vacuum Breakers, Capacitor Banks, Capacitors (LV) Eyelets, Aluminium Cases for Electrolytic Capacitors, Microphone Cases, Aluminium Electrolytic Condensers Aluminium Products Manufacturer of high quality sofa seating and timber chairs. Manufacturer of Barrier and Cable Seals, Pull Tight Seals, Arrowlock Seals, Fixed Length Seals, Ziplock and Minilock Seals, Special Purpose Seals. Printing Chemicals, Printing Varnishes, Coatings, Printing Inks Anti Microbial Agent, Chemicals for Building Maintenance, Chemical Products, Chemicals Products for Metal Finishing, Chemicals for Boiler Water and Cooling Treatment, Chemicals for Fuel Conditioning, Anti Microbial Agent, Chemicals for Building Mainteinance, Chemicals Products, ChemicalProducts for Metal Finishing, Chemicals for Boiler Water and Cooling Treatment,Cleaning Products, Chemical for Wa Beans (Canned), Jam (Coconut and Egg), Jam (Peanut Butter), Milk (Soya Bean), Ketchup (Tomato), Sauces (Chilli), Tea Flavoured (Canned), Malt Drink (Soya Bean), Drinks (Carbonated), Drinks (Energy), D THK, IKO, NB, NSK, NTN, NMB, HST, ASAHI and EZO for linear guides and ball bearing MOTOR OMRON, PANASONIC, SUNX, KEYENCE, PISCO, SMC, KOGANEI, HOWA, CKD COUPLING SOFT ABSORBER PISCO Bumpers (Front and Rear), Top Grills, Mudguards, Ashtray, Cover Steering Column, Floor Console Assembly, Garnish Center Pillar, Protecter Fuel Tank, Instrument Panels, Emblem Inner Carton Boxes (Printed), Labels (Printed), Paper Cups, Paper Plates Manufacturer of Printed Inner Carton Boxes, Paper Plates/Cups, Printed Labels. Fire Protection & Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturer of 3 In 1 Instant Coffee Mix. Drawn Wires, Chipboard Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Drywall Screws Manufacturer of Polyurethane Architectural Mouldings, Fiber Reinforced (Fibreglass) Building Products. Ferrite Cores Ferrite Cores Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Timber Motors & Accessories Speakers & Accessories Road Barriers, Bitumen (Cutback), Bitumen (Rubberised), Bitumen Emulsion, Ready Patchmix (Cold Premix), Road Marking Materials, Thermo Materials (Plastic), Traffic Cones Asphalt, Bitumen & Related Products Paper Rolls (Self Contained), Paper Rolls Journal (Woodfree and Carbonless), Paper Rolls Thermal, Paper Rolls for Accounting, Paper Rolls for Cash Registers, Paper Rolls for Teleprinters (1 6 Plys), Manufacturer of Journal Paper Rolls (Woodfree & Carboness), Accounting Paper Rolls, Cash Register Paper Rolls, Paper Tubes, Self Contained Pape Rolls, Teleprinter Paper Rolls 1 6 Plys, Telex Tapes, Th Manufactured of Fabricted Metal Products Furniture and Fixture. Mobile Entertainment Products (Overhead LCD TV/Monitor with/without, Digital Video Dls Sizes 7, with/without Digital Video Dls Sizes 5.8, Indoor and Outdoor Products (LCD TV/Monitor with/without DVD C Television & Accessories Flour Based Products, Curry Powder, Food Ingredients (In Paste Form), Soups Material Handling Equipment, Factory Automation System Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies Communication Products, Visual Information Display Products AC power source, safety tester Applications: rods, shafts, screws and other cylindrical shaped components robots, automated machines including scissors and lift tables precision equipment and custom built machines Display Boards (Real Time Stock Information), Display Boards for Outdoor (Full Colour), Scoreboards (Electronic), Sport Timing Equipment Manufacturer of electronic scoreboards, full color outdoor display board, real time stock information display board. Filter Aids for Sludge and Waste Water, Dewatering Agent, Coatings (Fluoropolymer, Sakaphen, Teflon, Rilsan, PTFE, Nylon, PP, PE) Control automation, heavy duty control components, motors, pneumatic control, switches touch sensor, mini pulser & aero absorber sensors, connector & plug accessories, sensor clamp & tester standard & Chemicals (Industrial) Aluminium Louvres for Light Fittings and Ceilings, Flourescent Luminaires, Industrial Diffusers, Industrial Lightings, Lightings (Amenities), Lightings (Decorative) Manufacturer of D Ram modules Manufactured of Printed Circuit Boards Assembly. Integrated Circuits Manufacturer of Integrated Circuits. Loudspeakers, Speaker Boxes, Speaker System, Laminboard, Total Sound Solution System Manufacturer of loudspeakers, speakers boxes, speaker system. Laminated Insulation Foils, Adhesives Packaging Tapes, Sticker Papers Supplying complete solutions for automation & machine control. Industrial Automation Equipment for Teaching Aids and, Hospital Furniture Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Building Materials Conveyor System, Handling Equipment Conveyor Systems & Accessories Precision Metal Stamping, Precision Metal Tooling, Prototypes, Mechanical Assemblies (Computer Parts), Computer Enclosures Manufactured of Precision Metal Stamping, Precision Metal Tooling, Prototypes, Mechanical Assemblies (Computer parts), Computer Enclosures. Manufacturer of Air Craft Components. Air Craft & Air Craft Components Rubber Foam (Bolsters), Rubber Foam (Cushions), Rubber Foam (Mattresses), Rubber Foam (Pillows), Mattresses (Bonnel Spring) Household Products, Car Care Products, Institutional and Industrial Cleaning Products, Toiletries Products, Personal Care Products Manufactured of household products, Car Care Products, Institutional and Industrial Cleaning Products, Toiletry Products, Personal Care Products. Household Products Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Petroleum, Coal, and Gas Supplier of Imaging Systems (Analogue & Digital), Supplier of Consumable Products for Graphic Healthcare & Non Destructive Testing. Fuel Cell Systems and Hydrocarbon Processing System Manufacturer of Agriculture Carriers. Wetting Agents, Fertilizers, Acaricides, Fungicides (Liquid), Fungicides (Non Liquid), Herbicides (Liquid), Herbicides (Non Liquid), Insecticides (Liquid), Insecticides (Non Liquid), Insecticides (Pub Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Detergents Paddy and Rice Cleaning Handling, Drying and Storage Machinery, Rice Processing Machinery, Rice Packing Machinery, Seed Packing Machinery, Coffee Mixing/Blending/Packing Machinery, Peanut Processing M Manufactured of NPK Blends Fertilizer. Manufacturer of Herbicides, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Cleaning Agents, Wetting Agents, Plant Growth Regulator. Herbicides Moulds & Mouldings Nameplates, Printing of Labels, Die Cutting Manufacturer of Printed Tinplates, Tinplate Products, Closures, Plain, Lacquered and Litho Graphed Tin Cans. Manufactured of Plastic Parts for Air Conditioners, Audio and Electronic Products. Manufactured of Haemodialysis Concentrates, Small Volume Injections, Intravenous Solutions, Peritoneal Sloutions, Irrigation Solutions. Air Conditioners for Coaches Air Pollution Control System Acetylene, Argon, Speciality Gases, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen Home and Office Decorative and Household Items Compressed Air Filters, Filter Elements, Differential Pressure Gauges Specialised in: piston type air compressor rotary screw air compressor oilless air compressor generator compressor piping installation high temperature dryers air filters rental and used compressor pa Air Filters, Air Purifiers, Clean Room Hepa Filters, Gas Turbine Air Intake System, Gas Turbine Replacement Inlet Air Filters Air Pollution Control System Air Compressor Portable Lights, Site Identification Aids, Airfield Lights, Path Indicators (Visual Approach), Aircraft Components Modification Air Craft & Air Craft Components Paper Converter and Supplier of all kind of Fine papers & Boards, Photocopy, Laser & Inkjet Paper, Chip Boards, Book Binding Materials & Equipment and etc. Flavour Enhancer (Blended), Seasonings (Blended), Seasonings (Flavoured Pepper), Seasonings (Flavoured Salt), Seasonings (Fried Rice), Seasonings (Monosodium Glutamate), Vegetable Protein Hydrolysed ( Manufactured of Tubes and Carrier Tapes, Tray. Sesame Oil, Wheat Flour Vermicelli, Camphor Tablets, Dhall (Husk Removed), Chips (Pappadam) Manufactured of Sesame Oil, Dhall(Husk Removed), Chips (Pappadam), Wheat Flour Vermicecelli, Camphor Tablets. Business Services Services Steel Drawers, Drawer Side Walls, Drawer Runners Hardware and Machinery Machinery Dielectric Plates, Printer Paper Cutter Glycerine (Refined), Fatty Acids (Capric Acid), Fatty Acids (Caproic Acid), Fatty Acids (Caprylic Acid), Fatty Acids (Lauric Acid), Fatty Acids (Myristic Acid), Fatty Acids (Palm Fatty Acid Residue), Manufacturer of Fatty Acids and Refined Glycerine (Capronic Acid, Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, Lauric Acid, Myristic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Refined Glycerine, Split Palm Kernel Fatty Acid, Electrical Distribution and Control Apparatus, Structural Metal Products Flour, Grain Mill Products, Curry Powder, Spices RBD Palm Oil, Super Olein, RBD Palm Stearin, RBD Palm Kernel Oil, Vegetable Ghee, Shortening, Specialty Fats, Industrial Margarine, Specialty Fats for Frying, Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS), Specialty Manufactured of Phosphoric Acid, Metal Finishing Solutions, Blended Surfactants. Printed Packaging for Tobacco Products Manufacturer of Telecom Converters, Telecom Software, Telephone Switching. Vacuum Formed Plastic Trays Refined Petroleum Products, Basic Precious and Non Ferrous Metals (Metal Oxide), Recycling of Non Metal Waste and Scrab Hoses (Hydraulic) Manufacturer of Plastic Bags, Plastic Ropes, Plastic Materials, Plastic Carpets, Nylon Ropes. Computer and Electronics Telecommunications PVC Coil Mats, Car Seat Cushion, Seat Cover, Magnetic Health Seat, Car Carpet Mat High Precision Injection Plastic Parts, High Precision Plastic Injection Mould Making Arts, Crafts, and Gifts Pottery, Porcelain, and Ceramics Our products and projects involved: Air filter, Coloro ball valves, fiberglass wall and ceilling panel, PP/ PVC /Nylon /Teflon /Derrin /PU /Silicon sheet and rots. Detergents, Laundry Chemical, Industrial Cleaning Compounds, Sanitizers, Chain Lubricants, Metal Finishing Chemical, Water Treatment Chemical, Latex Dipped Goods Former Cleaner Water Heaters Precision Metal Turning Parts Floppy Disk Drives, Keyboard Switches, Control Panel, Magnetic Heads, Switches, Cylinder Units, FM Tuners, Modulators, Potentiometers, Tuners, Cassette Mechanisms, Remote Control Units, Photo Printers Switchboard Controls Relays Food and Beverages Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Manufacturer of speakers and transducers. Switchgears Neutral Earthing Resistor Manufacturer of switchgears. Manufacturer of Aluminium Extrusions. Aluminium Coils, Aluminium Finstocks, Aluminium Flat Sheet, Aluminium Foil, Aluminium Ribbed Sheet, Aluminium Thin Gauge Foil Manufactured of Aluminium Foilstock, Aluminium Plates, Circles, Finstock, Sheets, Coils, Unlaminated Aluminium Foil. Trading, import / export of aluminium extrusion, fittings, accessories for aluminium windows, doors and architectural aluminium products. Aluminium Ingots Manufacturer of Aluminium Ingots. Industrial & Engineering Products Control Panels, Local Control Panels, Protection Panels, Remote Tap Control Changer, Marshalling Kiosk Manufatured of Protection Panels, Control Panels, Compact Substations. Industrial & Engineering Products Manufacturer of Corrugated Fibreboard Cartons. Finishing of Textile (Dyed and Finished Fabrics of 100% Cotton, Wearing Apparel (Uniforms) Oil free Bebicon air compressors, screw compressors, compressed air filters, air / oil separators Manufactured of Toothpaste for Children, Adult, Sensitive Teeth, Gum, (Regular, Herbal and Medicated). Toothpaste Fibre Glass Pipe Fittings Television, Television Components Sesame Oil, Spring Roll Pastries, Rice Vermicelli, Curry Powder, Ketchup, Ketchup (Spicy), Sauces (All Purpose Oriental), Sauces (Black Bean), Sauces (Chilli Ginger), Sauces (Chilli), Sauces (Chilli G Electroplating Terminals and Lead Frames Manufacturer of PTA (Purified Telepthalic Acid). Sauces (Soya), Soft Drinks (Canned), Soft Drinks (Tetra Briks) Timber Doors, Steel Doors, Fire Rated Glass Doors Manufacturer of Automatic Voltage Regulator, Switching Power Supply, Uninterruptible Power Supply. Power Supplies Public Address Ancillary Equipments Internet Router Manufactured of Electrical and Electronics Assemblies and Components. EPP Foam Products, EPE Foam Products, EPS Foam Products Flat Bars, High Tensile Deformed Bars, Hot Briquetted Iron, Mild Steel Round Bars, Wire Rods We specialize in plastic injection and rubber mold making, aim to give the best in quality, pricing and delivery time. We do turnkey projects, from design up till production. Overseas enquiries are en Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Building Materials Prepared Animal Feeds, Milk Powder for Animal Feed used Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Timber Preservatives Herbicides Buns, Sponges, Cakes, Mooncakes, Cheesecakes, Frozen Puffs, Frozen Pies, Cookies, Muffins Manufacturer of Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings. Non Carbon Required Paper, Self Copy Paper, Aluminium Insulation Foil Lamination Manufacturer of Curry Powder and Spices (Fish, Meat, Briani, Murtabak). Manufactured of Folding Boxes, Labels, Printing of Office Stationeries. Boxes (Foldable), Labels, Printing Office Stationery Diapers Manufacturer of diapers products Manufactured of Latex Dip Products. Latex Dip Products Gloves Industrial (Low Particulate), Examination Gloves (Latex/Powder Free), Examination Gloves (Latex/Powdered), Examination Gloves (Neoprene), Surgical Gloves (Latex/Neoprene), Surgical Gloves (Late Examination Medical Gloves, Surgical Gloves Manufactured of Mild Steel Flat, Square, Round Engineering Bars, Hot Rolled Mild Steel and High Tensile Deformed Angle Bars, High Tensile Deformed Bars. Angle Bars, Billets, Steel Round Bars, Sections Provide the reliable industrial control products Glass Mastering, CDs, CD ROMs, Video CDs and DVDs (Replication) Arts, Crafts, and Gifts Gifts The most productive servomotor / stepper motor planetary gearbox manufacturer in the world. Air Conditioning System for Automobiles, Condensers (Parallel Flow), Condensers (Serpentine Type), Evaporators, Hose Sets Alternators, Motor for Radiator Fans, Starter Motors, Windshield Washers, Wiper Motors, Ignitor Assembly for Motorcycles, Magneto Assembly for Motorcycles Wiring Harness for Automotive Industry, Car Seat for Automotive Industry, Research and Development Consultancy, Testing Services Manufacturer and exporter of latex disposable gloves. Manufacturer and supplier of automatic gloves dipping lines and spares. Cable Ducting System Computer and Electronics Parts and Components Manufactured of Underfloor Cable Ducting System. Cable Ducting System Zinc Anode, Zinc Oxide Manufacturer of Cast Iron Manhole Covers, Associated Concrete Products, Precast Reinforced Concrete Piles. Manufactured of Stainless Steel Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Road Tankers, Fermantators. Manufactured of Pure Drinking Water. Chemicals and Chemical Products (Chemical Dispersions) Fabrics, Textile for Automotive, Textile for Furniture Manufactured for Home Appliances , DVD , FAN , TV , LCD , Water Dispenser , Heater , Gas water Heater , Refrigeratre Welding Electrodes Computer and Electronics Computers Manufacturer of UPVC pipe & pipe fittings. Control valve, 3 way control valve, 2 way control valve, butterfly valve, bellow seal globe valve, safety valve, ball flat steam trap, bimetallic steam trap. Precision Stamped Parts for Cathode Ray Picture Tubes Precision Equipment & Components Manufactured of Rubber Erasers Manufactured of Vitreous China Sanitarywares. Automotive Control Cable, Power Window Regulators, Control Cables for Motorcycles and Bicycles, General Purpose Control Cables, Plating Services, Control Cables for Motorcycles Flexistrut Channel Metal Frames, Cable Support Systems, Perforated Steel Materials Manufacturer of Cable Support Systems, Perforated Steel Materials, Flexistrut Channel Metal Frames. Manufacturer of Models, Prototypes, Rapid Prototypes, CAD Data, Plastic Injection Mould and Tooling, Plastic Parts. Products offer packaging machines, food manufacturing machines, coding & marking machines, powdery detergent packing machines Telephone Directories, Posters, Books, Brochures, Catalogues, Corporate Publications, Printing of Magazines Manufacturer and distributors of ornamental wrought iron components, furniture and fire sculpture. Manufacturer of Micro Motors for Audio/Video Industries. Micro Motors Manufacturer and exporter of Latex Examination Gloves, Nitrile Examination Gloves, Household Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Probe Cover, Finger cots, Condoms, Oral Dams, Lubricants and MGT Air Vitamin. Home and Office Stationery and Supplies Manufactured of LV and MV Switchgear Cubicies, Vacuum Breakers, Electrical Control cubicles, Electrical Protection Cubicles, Capacitor Bank, LV Capacitors. Urea, Ammonia Manufacturer for Urea, Ammonia. Acrylic Products Shrimp (Frozen) Manufactured of HF100W and 20W Transreceivers, Rural Communication equipment, Wireless Communication System, Marine VHF 2 Way Radio, Multi Access rural Radio, VHF, UHF, HF Communication. Paper (Photocopy), Paper (Typing), Computer Forms, Dividers (Coloured), Drawing Blocks, Files (Lever Arch), Files (Manila), Folders, Note Books (Spiral), Ring Binders, Stationery, Stationery (Metal St Manufacturer of Latex Exam Gloves. Examination Gloves (Latex) Medicine, Health, and Environment Medical and Surgical Instruments Manufacturer of Analgesic, Anti Tussive, Antiviotics, Cold Preparation, Enzyme, Sulponamides, Antacids, Antifulgals, Anti Rheumatic, Anti Diabetic, Laxative, Steroids, Creams, Vitamins, Disinfectants, Manufactured of Cast Acrylic Sheets. Canopies, Clearspan Tents (Aluminium), Double Storey Structures, Marquees, Relocatable Building Structures, Tensioned Fabric (Aluminium) Manufacturer of Canopies, Aluminium Clearspan Tent, Double Storey Structure, Marquees, Relocatable Buildings and etc. Hardware and Machinery Machinery Watch Bracelets Decorative Flower Pots Arts, Crafts, and Gifts Wood, Wicker, and Bamboo Cooking Oil, Calcium Soaps, Animal Feed Supplements, Vanaspati, Shirtenings Manufacturer of Bricks and Pavers. Vacuum Thermoforming Plastic Packaging Products, Injection Moulding Plastic Packaging Products Electrical Starter Panel Casings, Flexible Air Ducts (Aluminium), Grilles, Volume Dampers, Diffusers, VAV Box Brake Fluids, Grease, Hydraulic Oils, Lubricating Oils, Metal Working Oils, Transmission Fluids Manufactured of Bituminous Products, Blown Bitumen, Bitumen Slip Layer, Bitumen Based Primer, Bitumen Based Enamel, Sealants, Sealing Compound, Solution, Cable Joint Compound, Synthetic Primer and Roa null Polypropylene Sheets, Polypropylene Trays, Polystyrene High Impact Sheets, Polystyrene High Impact Trays, Static Shielding Films, Air Bubble Paks, Conductive Bags, Conductive Films, Conductive Tubings Manufacturer of Air Bubble Paks, Polypropylene Sheet and Trays, HIPS Sheet and Tray, Polyethylene Film, Tubing and Bags, Static Shielding Film, Conductive Film, Tubing and Bags, Expanded Polyethylene Manufacturer of abrasive cut off wheel. Prestressed Concrete railway Sleepers, Concrete Cable Through, Concrete Cable Chamber, Precast Reinforced Concrete Telekom Manhole, Precast Reinforced Drainage and Sewerage Manhole, Pedestrian Concret Refined Kaolin Manufacturer of Sulphate Resisting Cement, Masonary Cement, Ordinary Portland, Cement, Pulverised Fuel Ash Cement, Portland Blastfurnace Cement, Clinker, Dry Mix Cementitious Products. Clinker, Ordinary Portland Cement, Masonry Cement, Portland Pulverised Fuel Ash Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Cement, Dry Mix Cementitious Products Sticker Papers, Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer of Business Systems, Terminals, Magnetics, Power Packs, Electrical and Electronic Components, Printed Circuit Packs, Acoustic Components, Wireless. PCBA Products, Telecomunication Consumer Premises Equipment (CPEs) PE Nettings Toilet cubicles & lockers manufacture for: shopping complexes, swimming pools, sports complexes, hospitals, club houses, schools, factories, commercial buildings, industrial buildings. Computers Customised automation quipments, laser mark equipments, robotic and motorized, equipment, SMT and PCBA equipment, test handler, vision handlers. Automated Test Handling and Inspection Equipments, Fully Automated Assembly Equipments, Cleanroom Conveyor Transport Equipments, Lase Marking Systems, Automated Assembly Line Integration Systems Ampelite fibreglass roofing sheets & all other general building materials. Architectural & Techinical Products & Service Components of Chassis, Case and Back Panels for Audio and Video, Components of Chassis, Case and Back Panels for Printers and Fax Machines, Turned Parts for the Mechanism in Cassette and Video Tapes, Other Special Purpose Machinery Baby Toiletries, Body Care Products, Children Toiletries, Cosmetics, Hair Care Products, Household Care Products, Perfumes, Skin Care Products Packaging Materials, Containers of Corrugated Paper Manufacturer of Ceramic Products for Decoration and Ornamental Purposes. Cast Iron, Bronze, Ductile Iron, Aluminium, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel Foundry Specialised in: hex bolt torx pozi drive taptite screw flat spring washer hex nut taper pin precision turned parts ANSI DIN JIS ISO Automatic Gate Motors Leaf Springs (Laminated), Radiators, Seats, Shock Absorbers Automotive Metal Stamping Air Bags, Steering Wheels, Car Seat Belts c/w Buckles, Emergency Locking Retractors Specialize in AC inverter, DC drives, servo drives, motion control systems, SCADA & PLC system design & retrofitting of electrical & pneumatic control systems complete system intergration & supplies Sales / Services / System Design & Repair Spare Parts / Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components / Screw / Piston Compressor Aluminised Steel Pipes, Kangaroo Bars, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Pipes, Automotive Stamping Parts, Exhaust System, Seats Frames for Automobiles, Catalytic Converter Assembly, Thermostat Pipe, Rein Motor Vehicle, Leather Seat for Motor Vehicles, Parts and Accessories for Motor Vehicles, Plastic Part for Motor Vehicles Sensors, controllers, step motors Manufactured of Conveyors System, PCB Handling Equipment. Conveyor Systems & Accessories Manufacturer of Camelback for Refreading, Natural Rubber Carbon Black Masterbach, Orbitread in Strip for Retreading Tyres, Precured Treads for Retreaded Tyres, Retreaded Tyres Of All Sizes and Categor Self Adhesive Labels Nut Crackers, Screw Type Conveyors, Palm Oil Centrifuges, Palm Oil Separators, Digesters, Strainers, Twin Screw Press, Sheet Metal Fabrication Electrical and Lighting Fans and Air Conditioners Paper (PE), Release Paper, Label Stocks Weighing Systems, Food Choppers, Food Slicers, Balancing Equipment, Dynamometers, Precision Balances, Weighing Equipment, Weighbridges Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Minerals, Ores, and Concentrates Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Inorganic Chemicals Chicken Products Cereal Mix (Instant), Chococcino (Instant), Chocolate Mix (Instant), Cappuccino (Instant), Coffee with Ginseng (Instant), Hazelnut Cappuccino (Instant), Tea Mix (Instant), Espresso Coffee (Instant), M uPVC Pipes, uPVC Telecommunication Duct, uPVC Cable Slab, uPVC RWDP, Cable Tie, uPVC Permanent Form Work, uPVC Pressure Pipe, uPVC Door, uPVC Rain Gutter System Manufactured of Earth Rod Copper Clad Steel and Accessories, Tool and Dies Design and Manufacturing, Gear Rack for Automatic Gate, Precision Machinery Parts, Pump Oil Mill Parts, Automatic Stainless S Manufacturer of Telephone Units. Manufacturer of Drawer Slides (Single Extension and Full Extension), Concealed Hinges, Integrated Drawer Sides (Metal Box), Sliding Roller, Glass Rail, Screw Cap and Other Furniture Fittings/Component Manufacturer of Acetylene, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide. Gas Cylinders Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen Telephone Units Automatic Folding Gates, Copper Clad Steel Earth Rods and Accessories, Poleline Accessories, Precision Gears, Rotors and Parts, Stainless Steel Automatic Electric Kettles, Torque Rod Bush, Payphone an Grain Mill Products Specialized in biometric finger vein security systems, PLC system & upgrading control panel, vision checking system. PVC Stabilizers, Additive Blend for Polyolefin Industries Clothing, Textiles, and Accessories Other Accessories Plastic Components for Mobile Phones, Metal Moulds, Mechanical Precision Moulds, Audio Accessories, Telecommunications Accessories, Cameras Plastic Components for Mobile Phones, Metal Moulds, Mechanical Precision Moulds, Audio Accessories, Telecommunications Accessories, Cameras New passive distributor systems: variable connection types all connection used electrical isolation 4, 6 or 8 slots low structural height light weight bore dimensions industry standard protection type Manufacturer of Gloves (Rubber). Metal Stamping Dies, Assembly of Electrical and Electronic Products, Assembly of Solenoids, Metal Stamping Jigs and Fixtures, Wire Netting for Gas Cooker Trays, Printed Circuit Board Assembly Activiti Manufacturer of aluminium multi function ladders, aluminium step ladders. Manufacturer of Bar Code Printers. Latex Folex Catheters, Urological Procedural Kits Fruit Drinks (Base) Dessicated Coconut, Flour (Corn), Flour (Semolina), Powder (Baking), Powder (Custard), Sugar (Castor), Macaroni, Spaghetti, Sauces (Chilli), Cordials (Concentrated), Syrups (Rose) Manufacturer of Dessicated Coconut, Cornflour, Custard/Baking Powder, Semolina, Sugar (Castor), Spaghetti, Macaroni, Chilli Sauce, Concentrated Fruit Drinks and Cordials, Rose Syrup and Other Flavours Manufacturers of Hacks medicated / fruit flavoured hardboiled sweets and Sunquick fruit concentrate. Importers / exporters of food products and processors of frozen seafood. Embroidery Plastic Compounds for Engineering, Polystyrene (Expandable), Super Plasticisizers for Construction Industry (Tamol), Feed Premix (Lutavit) Manufacturer of Expandable Polystyrene, Masterbatches, Superplasticisizers for Construction Industry, Plastic Compounds for Engineering Plastics. Gamma Butyrolactone, Tetrahydrofurance, Acrylic Acid, Acrylic Esters (2 Ethylhexylacrylate and N Butylacrylate), Oxo Alcohols (2 Ethylhexanol, Iso Butanol and N Butanol), Plasticizers (Dioctyl Phthala Manufacturer of acrylic acid and esters (n butylacrylate and 2 ethylhexylacrylate), Phthalate DIPN, Syneas, Oxo Alcohols, Iso Butanol and etc. Acrylic Products Wooden Furniture Calcium Silicate Bricks (KALSA) Manufacturer of 'KASLA' Calcium Silicate Bricks. Manufacturer of Precision Spring. Manufacturer of Trading in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals Diagnostic, Veterinary Specilty Products, Consumer Care, Rubber. Health Care Products Pumps Recycling of Metal Waste and Scrap, Recycling of Non Metal Waste and Scrap Calculators, Modems, Organisers, Telecommunication Accessories Authorized dealer for Armstrong products: Vinyl Sheet, Vinyl Composition Tiles, Anti static conductive tile, Specialty Flooring, Flooring Accessories and Adhesive products. Specialty Rubber Manufacturer of specialty rubber. Medicine, Health, and Environment Soaps, Shampoos, and Personal Hygiene Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Body Care Products Mattress Protectors, Pillow Cases, Spring Foam, Mattresses (Fibre), Spring Pocket System Communication Equipment, Electronic Toys (Learning Aids), Power Supply, Audio Products, Adapters, Automotive Electronic Tool Kits Tools Machined Actuators, Precision Mechanical Components for Electrical and Electronic Industries NITTA, GATES, CLIPPER, DERCO, FBC, NILOS, VIS, VOLTA Roti Pratha, Buns Oriental (Mantou), Buns Oriental (Minibuns), Buns Oriental (Peachbuns), Glutinous Rice Ball, Pastries (Oriental Yu Tiao), Pastries (Oriental) Umbrellas Umbrellas Comforters, Bedsheets, Curtains Paraffin Wax, Synthetic Wax (Harden Wax), Wax Flakes, Candles Candles Computer and Electronics Video and Camera CD Rewritable Drives, DVD RW Drives, Monitors, Batteries (Rechargeable) Computers CAD/CAM Manufacturer of Fixtures for Testing Equipment. Finishing Textiles, Knitting Mills, Garments, Personal Care and Household Products, Air Conditioners, Audio Products, Bicycles, Wooden Furniture, Service Activities Related to Printing, Soaps, Deterge Manufacturer of Essence of Chicken, Pharmaceutical Products. Manufacturer of Galvanised High Tensile Cold Formed Z&C Section, Spiroducts Galvanised Round and Oval Ducts, Powder Coatings Service, Plate Bending Services. Galvanised high tensile, 'C' & ' Z' purlin, spiroduct, powder coating & plate bending services. Computer and Electronics Computer Peripherals Manufacturer & importer of roof tiles (clay & copper tiles), acoustic movable walls, toilet cubicles, partitions and rain water system. Herbal Products, Medicinal Products, Cosmetics, Skin Care Preparation Cosmetics, Toiletries Manufacturer of Clay Roff and Floor Tiles, Terracotta Tile, Embossed and Insert Tile, Seimming Pool Grip and Groove Tile. Structural Metal Products, Tanks, Reservoirs and Containers, Treatment and Coating of Metals Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Building Materials Manufacturer of steamboat and vacuum cleaner. Agent UPVC Pipes and Fittings Power transmission and conveyor belts hydraulic tools & equipment pneumatic instrumentation roller & conveyor chain gearmotor & variable speed driver high capacity narrow v. belts, variable speed belt Examination Gloves (Latex) Manufacturer of examination gloves (latex). Manufacturer of CNC Lathe & Lathe Machines, Plate Bending Rolls, Fabfication Works, Iron & Steel Work. Plastic Moulds and Plastic Precision Parts, Sub Assembly for Printers, Sub Assembly for Electrical Products Aluminium Die Castings Plastic Casing for Printer and Telephone, Printed Circuit Boards Assemblies Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Dyestuffs, Pigments, Paints, and Inks Computer and Electronics Computer Peripherals OEM/ODM of motorcycle & bicycle parts, Metal stamping, electro plating & surface finishing service. Manufacturer of Steel Floor Decking, Steel Roofing Sheets, Purlins. Food and Beverages Edible Oils Magnetic Relays, Magnetics Electronic Components, Integrated Circuits (Thin Films) Manufacturer of Ball Point Pens and Plastic Component Parts. Manufacturer of aluminium rods, bitumenised hessian, lead sheath, lead sleeve, paper insulated lead, polymeric cable up to 132KV. Limes (Sweetened), Paste (Bean), Paste (Hot Spicy Bean), Sauces (Black Bean), Sauces (Char Siu), Sauces (Chilli Oil), Sauces (Chilli Vinegar), Sauces (Dark Soya), Sauces (Hoi Sin), Sauces (Lemon), Sau Cash Handling Equipment, Mechanical Chequewriters, Engineering Components Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipes, PVC Fittings, PVC Gasket, PVC Hoses, HDPE Pipes Food and Beverages Food Additives and Chemicals Manufactured of Aluminium Formwork for the Construction Industry. Household Electrical Products Contract Assembly, Audio System (Automobile), Electrical Products Contract Assembly, Home Audio System VCR & VTR Accessories Manufacturer of Refined Beached and Deodorised Palm Oil, Refined Bleached and Deodorised Palm Olein, Refined Beached and Deodorised Palm Stearin, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, Crude Palm Olein, Crude Pa Manufactured of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene and Carbon Dioxide. Medicine, Health, and Environment Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufactured of Latex Examination Gloves (Powder Free). Manufacturer and exporter of latex and nitrile, surgical gloves, examination gloves, inspection gloves & high risk speciality medical gloves. (Low protein and powder free). Agaricus Blazei Murrill Dried Mushroom, Agaricus Blazei Murrill Extract Sachets, Cordyceps Sinensis Powder, Monkey's Head Hericium Erinaceus Capsule, Grifola Frandosa Capsule Hair Care Products, Cosmetics Products Biscuits, Cakes (Mooncakes) Manufactured of Cookies, Biscuit, Snackfood.